Free small topping included additional .50

Tuesday's and Thursday's 20% off jar refills

Large topping free with jars originally $1.50


1 scoop --------------------------- $5

2 scoop -------------------------- $7

3 scoop -------------------------- $9


12 oz ------------------------------ $7

16 oz cup------------------------ $10

16 oz jar ------------------------- $15


12 oz ------------------------------ $6

16 oz cup------------------------- $8

16 oz jar -------------------------- $11

*Jars included in the price + a free large topping

Ice Cream

All ice cream made in house!

Dark Chocolate Chunk

Whoever said that salt doesn’t belong in dessert clearly hasn’t tried our new dark chocolate chunk super premium ice cream! This delicious treat is loaded with salty cookie chunks throughout, making it the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Brown Cow Brownie

Do you like chocolate and brownies? You'll love our top-selling chocolate ice cream with gooey fudge brownies. The Fan Fav.

Honey Lavender

Honey Lavender has been a hit! Made with all-natural flavors and locally sourced honey, you can indulge in a delicious treat without any artificial dyes or coloring. Perfect for a hot day!

Cookie Butter

Biscoff in the shape of ice cream?… yeah, we think it's genius, too.


This Peanut Butter based ice cream can't be beat. With Peanut Butter Cup and Oreos mixed in, you'll understand why this is Jimmers favorite combo.

Orange Creamsicle

Our limited time Orange Creamsicle ice cream is guaranteed to add some sweetness to your summer! With its creamy texture and tangy tastes, this ice cream will have you coming back for more. But be warned, you can’t just have one scoop.

Watermelon Sorbet

Watermelon sorbet made with fresh watermelon. It's not often dairy free flavors are sold out every weekend. This watermelon sorbet is so good you won't even miss the dairy. Ask about our diary free Otai shake!

Chocolate Cake Batter

Chocolate Cake Batter ice cream! Creamier than a cow’s moo and richer than its milk, this flavor will have you mooing with delight. Any cake batter lovers dream.

Blue Berry Lemonade Sherbet

Perfect for those hot summer days when you need to beat the heat and sweeten the deal. Made with real lemons and blueberries! Careful this one's known to make you pucker.

Cookie Moonster

Chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, Chips Ahoy... oh my! Cookie Monster favorite, and it might be yours too.


A vanilla ice cream with chunks of gooey brownie and delicious cookie dough

Minty Moo

Our take on a Oreo Mint ice cream.

©2023 by The Twisted Cow

©2023 by The Twisted Cow